tequila lime chicken.

Matt and I were considering our options for dinner the other night and decided to raid our pantry and fridge. The ingredients we gathered included:

-chicken breasts,
-tequila lime marinade,
-granny-smith apples,
-edamame and
-instant brown rice.

We immediately marinated the four chicken breasts for an hour in the fridge and then put it in the oven after we had olive-oiled the pan. The oven was at 350 and we put it in for 13 minutes.

While the chicken was in the oven for 13 minutes, we diced 2 medium-sized granny-smith apples and 2 whole avocados. We popped the frozen edamame in the microwave and then chilled it in the fridge. (We use the frozen individual serving packs from the freezer section at Safeway.) We combined those three ingredients and doused them in olive oil and lime juice to bind them together. We also salted and peppered to taste.

 After the 13 minutes was up, we checked and flipped the chicken.

We made 2 packets of instant brown rice and chilled the grains immediately.

Once the chicken was no longer pink in the middle (I cut every piece about three times because I am paranoid about it) we diced it about the same size as the apple and avocado pieces. Like the other ingredients, it went into the fridge to chill.

We waited (impatiently) for all of the ingredients to cool and then combined them in a large bowl. We added a little more lime juice and salt and pepper, just for taste 🙂

Holy moly! Was this a yummy dinner. We ate it with tortilla chips — so good.

I was skeptical about adding the granny smith apples but in my opinion, they made the dish!



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