first place.

At the end of June, I had the opportunity to enter a few of my pictures in the Fredericksburg Photography Show, hosted by the local Parks and Rec Department. (Leslie Knope, anyone?!)

I chose a few that I really liked, two flowers from my mom’s garden at home, one of a few jellyfish and the last one was a picture of the mall.


After you drop off the photos, the judges from the Fredericksburg Photography Club determine the winners over all and first place in each categories. Some of the categories were architecture, nature, animals, sunsets/sunrises, digital art and people. There was a special viewing on Wednesday for the photographers who entered to come see the winners but unfortunately, M and I had a previous commitment and could not go.

However, we went on Friday to see all of the entries and holy moly, there were some awesome pictures. (It is so neat to see what other people captured!) We started in the back and worked our way forward, keeping an eye out for my four pictures.

In the last row was the architecture category and I COULD NOT BELIEVE MY EYES (!!!) when I saw the first place ribbon from the category next to my shot of The Mall. I wasn’t expecting to win at all, especially after seeing the quality of photographs at the show!



So exciting!

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