women of the SED.

Most of you already know that M is studying to become an ordained pastor in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS). Currently we are on vicarage, basically an internship, where he is serving at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Fredericksburg, VA. Being on vicarage with M has afforded me many opportunities to connect with other pastor’s wives in the Southeastern District (SED). Back here I wrote about my experience at the SED’s Pastor’s Wives Retreat and since then, the participants have been able to keep in touch via email, as we share some of our 1,000 Gifts each week.

Our District President’s wife, Connie Denninger, has also started a blog to connect women of the SED, pastor’s wives, DCE’s, teacher and laywomen. Women from around the district are asked to write a blog post about themselves and the work that they are currently doing to serve the Lord. Yesterday was my blog post on the Journeys of Faith site. You can read it here. I also encourage you to explore the site some more and get to know other women in the Southeastern District!

I will also post a copy of the blog post I wrote for Journeys of Faith below. Enjoy!

What a journey life takes us on! Since we were married in 2010, my husband Matt and I have lived in three different states, four different cities and I have held five different jobs! As we have traveled around the country, I have supported Matt in his journey through two different seminaries to become an ordained pastor.
Prior to our ‘life-in-transition,’ I grew up in the Northern Virginia before heading off to college at Concordia University Chicago. I graduated from CUC in 2010 with a BA in Lutheran Elementary Education and began teaching in the upper-elementary grades.
Currently, Matt is serving his vicarage at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Fredericksburg, VA where I am also serving as their Family Life Program Coordinator. God has sure blessed us with this placement; many lessons learned, the area rich with history and the members welcoming!
In my position at the church, I get to spend a lot of my time showing love to others, along with planning family nights, women’s events, and whole-church activities with support from various congregants. The biggest blessing I witnessed was when I was working with a group of elementary aged children and we were studying the Lord’s Prayer. The amount of questions, determination and faithfulness was overwhelming!
I have also had time to work on several of my passions, art and photography. I have been able to express my faith through paint brushes and a camera lens, hoping to encourage others through new avenues!
God has been working through us and through those around us to continue His will wherever we are placed. Throughout all of the changes we have been through on our journey thus far, we have noticed the constant of His abundant love and never-ending grace for His people.

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