let’s go to the beach. each.

M and I had been looking forward to this week all year long! We finally got to go back to the beach with my family as our summer vacation. We couldn’t wait! Three days after I returned from Boston, I picked up my sister Bekah two days before we left for the beach and we spent some quality time with her.

We woke up bright and early on Saturday morning to start our trek south. (With a pitstop in Kill Devil Hills…) We made great time, thanks to M driving the whole way (thanks!!) and were SO excited to pull into our driveway for the week. The three of us immediately jumped out of the car and went on to the deck to take in the sights.

Panorama Beach

We picked up the keys for the house and then started unloading as we waited for the rest of my family to arrive.

Here is a quick tour of the house that we stayed in:

house - quarter deckhouse

While we were there we were able to see more of my mom’s side of the family and hang out together and just relax! It was such a nice break from the routine of daily life!

M and I took Bekah mini-golfing one day and of course he won. But here is a shot of my hole-in-one course! (No full swings, Bekah!)

mini golfing

One of my dad’s favorite thing to do is go fishing on the pier late at night. He, M, my brother and his friend all went one night and the girls went to watch for a while. Of course all of the excitement happened right after we had left and M caught a two-foot shark! You can see his response below when I asked what kind of shark it was, but it was a Black Tip. There were HUGE sharks swimming all around the pier slurping up the blood and guts (gross) of the bait used.

Mom's fish!

Thumb’s up for the baby Bluefish!


Mom and Bekah

After I took this picture of M and Bekah, I was trying to talk Bekah through focusing manually and how to get both M and I in the light of the picture. None of them need to be shown πŸ™‚ but better luck next time, Bek! (Smile with your teeth, M!)

Bekah and M

M and Dad


baby shark

While we were at the beach, one of my favorite things to do was watch the sky. The sunsets and sunrises were beautiful but the clouds throughout the day were spectacular.


Sunset with Palms

One of our traditions when we go to Emerald Isle is to drive up to Beaufort (where A Walk to Remember takes place!) and stop for lunch at the Beaufort Grocery Co. We look forward to going every year!

Beaufort Grocery Co. Lunch @ BGC

On one of the last days, my mom found a whole sand dollar. She was so proud!

Sand Dollar

One of the neatest things we were able to see was baby sea turtles hatching and making their way to the ocean. We watched for two nights and on the second, they finally came out! We learned some interesting facts, too, from the volunteers who help the sea turtles to the ocean. Once the turtles hatch from their eggs, they spend three days still underground absorbing the yolk. And, unfortunately, only about one in 1,000 sea turtles will make it to adulthood.


Baby Turtle


It was so hard to say goodbye to this beautiful place!

last day at the beach

We’ll be back next year!!


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