sick kitty and the cat nurses.

Our weekend started out like any other – M had the day off on Friday so we slept in a little and got up to do a couple errands before we headed south. We were meeting my mom, grandma and sister at my grandparent’s house on the water to clean up some things, look through paperwork and bring a few items home to my parents’ house.

house on the waterWhile we were in and out of rooms, up and down stairs to locate papers and memories, we came across A LOT of creepy crawlies. The house sits on the water, in the woods so it is no surprise that with no regular tenants, bugs find their way in. Hello. Gross.

As it turned out, Bekah, my sister, got a little freaked out and ended up coming home with M and I while my mom and grandma stayed the night to meet with the appraiser the following morning.

Now, to the point…

Saturday we went to Mary Washington University to show Bekah around and then came home in the afternoon to make dinner and hang out. No sooner were we home 20 minutes when one of our brother kitties, Oliver, started coughing and wheezing. Within minutes, he was barely breathing. We raced around the house getting his paperwork and the carrier and lifted his limp little body into the carrier to get down to the car.

Bekah and M had looked up an Emergency Kitty Hospital (what else would be open on a Saturday?!) and M drove as fast as he could.

The assistant took Ollie back right away and was put in an oxygen tank. We filled out some paperwork and went to a waiting room to talk with the vet. He gave us some information and explained what he thought was wrong at the time which was all going over my head because I just wanted to see OllieCat. He left and the assistant came back in with our ‘range.’ We learned that our range was what we were going to be charged prior to treatment. WHAT. So our options were (a.) Pay an astronomical amount in one transaction or (b.) take home our dying kitty. Seriously?! Through tears I convinced M that we had to do what we could to help Oliver and we signed away. (…)

We had to leave him overnight.

We made sure to give our other brother kitty lots of love as he wandered the apartment for his pal.

That night we did a lot of reminiscing about the brother kitties.

remembering the kitties

The next day, Sunday, we were able to visit him after church. The Kitty ER was actually closed but we walked right in and demanded time with our boy. (Thanks M!)

We were told he had pnuemothorax and pneumonia and was on steroids, antibiotics and that he was still in the oxygen tank. The staff also told us that Ollie was so mean to them when they tried to take his vitals or give him medication. Ollie?! Mean?! No way. It ended up being a good thing because it meant he was fighting.

visiting Ollie

As you can see from above, he was shaved on his back. Here, they basically ‘vented’ him because of the air that was in his chest cavity rather than in his lungs. Poor baby.

He wasn’t eating at all while in the Kitty ER so the vet told us Sunday night that it would probably be the best for him to come home to familiar surroundings and smells and that M and I would give him his medications.

Bright and early on Monday morning, M and I went to pick him up and he looked so much better after being weaned off the oxygen! We were thrilled to be taking him home but nervous about giving the meds!

So far, we have done pretty well giving him the medications, Ollie has only spit up the pill twice. I don’t think we could have gotten through this without Bekah! She kept us (me) calm and grounded with her sensibility and humor. Love that girl. Also love these kitties. Since he has been home, Stosh has been loving on his brother kitty ๐Ÿ™‚

cuddling brothersWe are hoping Ollie continues to progress as he finishes up his antibiotics!!



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