learning and sharing at creative haven.

Last week I had the privilege of attending a small group workshop, Creative Haven, with several other women from the Southeastern District of the LCMS. One of those women happened to be my mother — such a blessing to spend the whole day with her!

We started out our morning solving the problems of social media and connecting Lutheran Educators, ministers and workers across the district and synod. You’re all welcome! Just kidding.. but there are wonderful resources right at our fingertips to share practices, ideas, and God’s love!

Connie took us on a quick tour of her house and shared with us Keep the Faith projects she had made over the years and then shared with others.




We traveled downstairs to her studio…


…and shared ideas to bring back to our own specific areas of ministry; teaching, family ministry, leading workshops as well as many other activities within the church.



We participated in an activity of ‘illustrating’ the Psalms, focusing on Psalm 17. We read the passage from several different translations and picked out phrases or words that stuck out to us, or touched our hearts. This is what mine looked like:

Psalm 17

It was so interesting to see how different each of ours looked even though we were reading the same words. We were just seeing them differently.

We took a nice break for a panini and fresh fruit lunch outside in the shade.


After lunch, we came back to Psalm 17 and learned about several different ways to combat ‘white space.’ A blank page can be intimidating to many so putting anything down on a page makes it more ‘doable.’ We stamped with wine corks and cut flowers out of magazine pages to add borders and outlines to our ‘white space.’

Using our pages from before, we transferred the words to a new page, how we saw them.

Psalm 17- illustrated

It was interesting again, to see how different each one was, how we divided up our thoughts and God’s Word on our page.

We learned good techniques to make activities like these accessible to a variety of people. Materials such as stencils, coloring pages, stamps and cut-outs provide a way for people to overcome the ‘blank-ness’ of a page and have a starting point to illustrate a passage, pray or create art out of gratitude.


One resource that I unfortunately did not get a picture of are stamps from a company called Verve. They are clear stamps you can reuse that have bible passages on them. So neat for cards and prayers.

The last activity of our time together was creating a Book of Graces. Using an old book and folding the pages, you have places to stick special mementos, prayers, or faithful quotes. Unfortunately, my mom and I had to leave before this activity was completed but I do have an activity to look forward to do at home!



Connie also showed us some great resources for ministry to people in church. Here is a look at several of the books she shared with us.

book resources

WIth so many wonderful ideas, I am inspired to share them with the members of our church! I can’t wait to try some out for myself, too!

WIth joy,



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