these are a few of my favorite apps.

More recently, I have gotten into photo-editing on my iPhone. It all started when I was doing the Wednesday Wisdom series on my blog (…I really want to get back to doing that regularly!) and I have enjoyed them ever since!

So here you are, some of the most awesome (in my opinion) photo-editing apps:

1. Rhonna Designs

This is where it all began. Rhonna (and her team) have put out an amazing app that allows you to add text, stickers, color, frames and pretty much anything you could ever imagine to your photos. Most of my Wednesday Wisdom series were a product of Rhonna’s app.


Here are some photos I have edited in Rhonna Designs.

Rhonna - happy

2. Bubble Frame

Bubble Frame allows you to put pictures/textures into circles and play around with sizes and transparency. My most favorite feature of this app is the circled/rounded text you can add.

Bubble Frame

This is an example of what I created using Rhonna and Bubble Frame:

Bubble Frame and Rhonna

3. Lumie

Lumie is a neat app — allowing you to add bokeh and/or light effects to your photos. I love the variety they offer from circles to geometric shapes to hearts and glitter! (Unless I am wrong, you can’t undo an effect unless you start over again – let me know if I am!)


This is a recent example of a photo of mine with Lumie – I took a picture of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis and added an effect from Lumie near the sunshine.

Lumie - Gateway Arch

And lastly:

4. Waterlouge.

This is a new to me app and I am still experimenting but it allows you to import your photos and change them to watercolors. There are several different water color options to choose from. (Thier starter screen isn’t much to look at.)


This is one of the photos that I have messed around with:

Painted in Waterlogue

So there you have it – some of my favorite photo-editing apps!

Do you have any favorites? I would love to hear!

With joy,



2 thoughts on “these are a few of my favorite apps.

  1. Holly, These are wonderful apps that you have found. I really need to start taking more pictures with my cellphone just to see what might happen in the EDITING ROOM! Have a great day. I have missed your blog!

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