christmas trees in august.

This weekend, I started to work on some Christmas crafts to use a decorations, gifts and to display in my booth at a Christmas craft show this November. I know, I know, it’s only August – but I needed to get a head start! These trees are super easy to make, I wanted to share with you all, too!

paper Christmas trees

I started by making a circle out of cardboard. I traced a CD holder and cut it out to use as my stencil. Then, I cut out over 30 circles from double sided christmas-colored scrapbook paper. (It is important to use the double sided paper because when you start the folds, you will see both the front and back.)

Christmas circles

The next step is to cut each circle in half and begin folding! Here are all of my trees, folded – below is step-by-step folding.

folded trees Start with your semi-circle:

semi circle

Fold the rounded side over the flat side. I don’t know if there are specific measurements to give, you just have to feel out the folds as you go.

fold 1

Next, fold the rounded side towards the flat side, leaving a little paper over the edge.

fold 2

Again, fold the rounded side over to the flat side, this will create the top point of your tree. Remember, to feel out the folds – I did several of them a couple times to get the look I wanted ๐Ÿ™‚

fold 3

I love how unique they all look! The folds are not all identical and that’s what I like about them.


Then, I used mod podge to secure all of the folds. I also used glue along each rounded edge to adhere glitter. The glue I used for this step had a perfect tip to run along each edge and not squeeze out too much!




And here are the trees with glitter:

glitter trees

These are not my trees’ final resting place! They will become banners (like the one below), garland and Christmas tags and receive stars and trunks, but this is a great starting point for some Christmas creativity!




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