two months have gone by…

Two months – how did that happen!

It doesn’t even feel like that much time could have lapsed since I began working on all of those Christmas Trees! (Thank goodness, though, that I began working on those little suckers early – some still aren’t finished!)

In those two months, M and I have slid into a nice daily routine. We wake up, most of the time begrudgingly, and M drives me to work. I hang out at work all day with some pretty cool toddlers and co-workers while M is off doing pastor-y things until he picks me up at the end of my shift. But the day doesn’t end there. If we are lucky, we get to come home and cook dinner together, but that is usually not the norm. We grab something out of the fridge on our way to a meeting or choir practice or confirmation or whatever else the evening has in store for us. Then we come home and catch up on a show or, if you’re me, fall asleep within 5 seconds of hitting the pillow – just to wake up and do it all over again!

And in the midst of our daily routine, I have struggled to find a purpose.

Are the things I am doing really making a difference?

Does all of this really matter?

Which is when I remember (some days it’s harder than others…) that I am where I am right now because God has placed us here.

For reasons of which I may be unaware. To meet people I haven’t yet met. To serve others with my gifts.

Vocation is a silly thing, it may ebb and flow as we move about, as people change or when our realities shift, but ultimately, we always serve our neighbors with the love with which Christ fills us.

…loading the dishwasher…

…changing dirty diapers…

…making breakfast for my husband…

…being present for M’s parishioners…

…offering my creative gifts for the good of others…

…patting backs to dreamy sleep…

…scooping the kitty litter…

…fellowship dinners with other families…

These are just a handful of the vocations God has placed me in in the short time we have been in Maryland. I can only imagine the things to come in the next two months!


One thought on “two months have gone by…

  1. the never ending list and all to the glory of God— can’t go wrong with that…… and though some days you may think- ‘I needed a college degree to do this?” that is how we are shaped,one simple gift of service wrapped in love

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