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here i stand i can do no other.

Today, October 26th, 2014, is a very important Sunday in the Year of the Church for Lutherans. Reformation Sunday.

In the early 1500’s, a young Augustinian monk named Martin Luther was struggling with the teachings and practices of the Roman Catholic Church. In his day, a radical move, Luther spoke out against the sale of indulgences and abuses within the church. Not meaning to ever break away from the the Catholics, Luther began a movement of reform, back to what the church had always confessed, but which had become obscured.

On October 31st, 1517, Luther nailed the 95 Theses, complaints against the Catholic Church, to the door of The Castle Church of Wittenburg in Germany.

Reformation Day

(photo of Martin Luther via

497 years later, several churches in the greater Baltimore, Maryland area got together to commemorate the day. It was such a blessing to be a part of this occasion. Pastors from area churches participated in the Divine Service as well as choirs from multiple churches joined their voices to share the Good News.

stained glass



I am so glad to be a part of a church body rooted in the days of the early church, tracing our identity all the way back to Christ Himself.

Sola Scriptura. Sola Fide. Sola Gratia.

Scripture Alone. Faith Alone. Grace Alone.

Happy Reformation Day!


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